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Marketing, social media campaigns


Learning environment, code editor


Website, cloud migration, systems architecture


Blogs, social media


Advertising campaign

Motivate International

Bike-sharing app for North America


Cloud service website, email marketing

NYU Libraries

NYU Libraries wanted to step into the modern world with a huge redesign. How do you consolidate APIs for multiple web services into a single static page website that’s accessed by thousands of unique visitors daily? By using a blog-aware static site generator as a backend, and deploying pages with robust frontend API integrations to cloud-based static hosting. We helped NYU cut back on load times by 73% - see for yourself.

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New York Fashion Week

Creative direction and design for Request models with inspiration from 70s baseball cards.

Monster Meals

Research & design a farm-to-table game app for kids to commit to nutrious choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Game of Thrones

Posters for AT&T in partnership with HBO.