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We help you become more you.

When you work with Alakọja, we begin by spending quality time with you, figuring out who you really are and what you're really about. Then we come up with a brand strategy that tells your story. We help you shape your product in a way that will make your users happier and more productive. We get the word out to the people who are looking for you, whether they know it or not.

In short, we help you become more you. And then we help everyone else understand why you're exactly what they're looking for.

Great! So what do we offer?


User research, user journey design, and user personas


Product strategy, business strategy, design systems

Product design

Information architecture, web, mobile, TV, and watch apps, flexible displays

Visual design

Data visualization, communication design, user interface design

Full-stack development

JS, Python, Golang, Rust, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Static, Machine learning, AI


Rigorous testing for performance and bugs, user acceptance testing, unit and system tests

Data & Machine Learning

Machine learning for user behaviour, increased CTR, highly customizable solutions

Marketing strategy

SEO, multi-variable testing, brand identity

What is our process?



We start each project with a discovery phase. This stage is all about user research: defining user problems, opportunites, and logistics to get a deeper understanding of your project requirements. We work closely with you because it’s important to us that your entire team feels valued and involved. Our discussions and your feedback will help identify resources, milestones, benchmarks, timelines, and agreed-upon deliverables. We use a flexible project management approach so that if any shifts occur during the project, schedules can be adjusted accordingly.



Information gathered during the discovery phase is used to inform the design solutions of the project. We work closely with you to ensure that the overall tone (user experience, user interface, content strategy, visual hierarchy, etc.) fits in your design system or, if you don't have one, matches your brand. With this in mind, we explore potential solutions and prepare interactive design prototypes that will allow us to forge full-steam ahead. All of our designs are created with a fully responsive and multi-platform delivery in mind, ensuring they will translate effectively across all viewing devices. Naturally, concepts evolve over the course of the design phase based on your feedback.



This is the phase where our design concepts and solutions come to life. By taking the information collected in the discovery phase and testing concepts in the design phase, we are now ready for (what we like to call) the fun part. Our development team builds out all templates, components, and backend controls to make your product beautiful and easy to manage. Each application is coded to meet all accessibility guidelines and our own high standards.



This is the penultimate phase of the project, where your website or application goes through quality assurance, user testing and finally, launch. We’re committed to ensuring that our solution perfectly aligns with your goals and meets our own standard of excellence. A truly great digital tool requires your ongoing attention, content, and care. Our main commitment is to form long-term relationships with the clients we serve. After we hand you the keys to your new website or application platform, we are only a phone call away to answer any question you might have.



The work doesn't stop once the product is deployed. We use Multivariate Testing (MVT) to compare differences in deploys with a high number of variables to reveal the different relationships between different design solutions. Traffic to a page is split between different versions of the product, and the effectiveness each combination has on the ultimate goal is measured. With enough traffic, the data from each variation is compared to find not only the most successful design, but also to potentially reveal which elements have the greatest positive or negative impact on a visitor's experience. We use this data to make your final product robust and resilient - with the numbers to prove it.